Halloween Make-up: Glitter Bomb

We’ve teamed up with the gorgeous gals at Dollz to bring you to ultimate how-to post for glam spooky make-up this . Nobody wants that Lindsay Lohan moment from Mean Girls (“that’s a scray mask bro!”). We still want to turn heads for all the right reasons, and Dollz’ Bomb look can be worn with almost anything from our hot new Autumn collection. Best of all,  it’s super easy!

“I have done something girly, glittery and adaptable for different looks, whatever you may be dressing up as for Halloween along with the girls that want to do something a little different for their fright night out but still look hot!” Sam, Founder of Dollz

1. Prep the face first with your usual makeup routine. Moisturise, prime and foundation.

2. Start with a base on the to ensure your makeup lasts and for this use a eye liner all over the lid and under the eye.

3. Blend the edges of the eye liner on the top and bottom. Apply black eye shadow all over the lid, just above the crease and under the eye and blend it with a fluffy brush. Fill in those eyebrows.

4. Using glitter glue apply this all over the lid of the eye and apply to glitter all over the lid too.

TIP: If you just want the glitter eye then you can stop right there, clean up any fallen glitter or shadow with a baby wipe and apply the rest of your makeup as usual, completing the look with lashes and mascara.

5. You can add glitter to your brows by the same process of applying the glue all over the brow then carefully pressing the glitter onto the glue.

7. I also wanted to add something a little different to this look to finish it off. More so that I wanted to experiment with my new glitter glue and to try glitter tears. I did this by mixing glitter and glue in a little pot to create a runny mixture as I wanted them to freely run down my face.

8. Once I had the mixture I took a cotton bud and dipped it into the mixture then placed a blob under the bottom lash line continuing to add more blobs with the cotton bud to the end of the tear drop to make sure it freely run down the face, tipping your head backwards can sometimes get the tear moving quicker.

9. This is the look completed with a few posing selfies! You can change this look with different coloured glitters by creating your own mixture and adding chunkier glitter.

Finally, you need an awesome outfit to go with your super hot make-up. How about one of these bad boys, accessorised to the max! Chuck on a pair of horns or just go for all out sexy chic in our Kiera jumpsuit. Either way, you’ll be turning heads at that !


Dollz will be in store this Thursday 31st July doing half price Halloween Makeovers. Book your appointment now by emailing bookings@thedollz.co.uk.

Products used:
Avon – Black Supershock gel eye liner
Illamasqua – Obsidian eye shadow
Ben Nye – Glitter glue
Cosmetic glitter – Black and silver