Spotted: Celebs in CB


10864695_894207500597701_472012825_nThis week has been super busy for us, with a host of gorgeous celebs wearing our pieces. With all our pieces designed in house in London, we love to see ladies all round the world wearing our items. Above is Lala in the Nolita.

10914489_1400760543552717_974495909_nCarrie Underwood in Amara

10932074_605495029551535_34268664_nRegina Hall in Nolita

10894921_1535390396737657_240608271_nBecky Gomez (with Lala) In Charise

10882062_647770078665685_344740639_nSydeny Fashion Blogger in Lana

10890871_271786809612282_798845763_nBlogger Kristina Bazan in the Lana dress.